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Dec 28, 2016

054 - Zeds To Infinity And Beyond - Gameshow 2

Brandon and Tarragon discuss the podcast success and forward plans, and cover a bit of 2016 too; We have some community guests join us for Game Guru Gameshow #2; and Jo (angelsk) pops in to recap her 2016. Have a great new years everyone!

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  • MightyMango
  • CSGeekSquad
  • Big Ell
  • Bsmittel (lost audio)

Referenced during the show:

  • Forum post: Community Highlights and Lowlights of 2016
  • TrueAchievements Game of the Year 2016
  • Thanks to all our guests this year:
    • Rich Stone (TrueAchievement)
    • Jack Watling (WebChimp UK)
    • Unnamed TA Staff Member (interview to come)
    • Sashamorning (provisional 24 hour 360 GS record)
    • Rand al Thor 19
    • smrnov
    • RedmptionDenied
    • "Spark" Thomas Gratz, ex-Project Spark community manager
    • Christian Allen from developer Serellen LLC
    • Karsten from developer Happy Tuesday
    • Maka of Maka91Productions
    • David Paskett (XoneBros)
    • Kyle (moroniccow)
    • Franco (RavioliCaponi)
    • Brandon’s Brother
    • Honourable Mention: Ski Bunny
  • Community shoutouts: McLovinLegend, Big Ell, Matrarch, Grug, BEERME7, stushniken, Planting42, Silence42, mseweryn, Mattism, Giant Hunger, TheJoeDean, QuickMythril, doughboyee, WateryDrip37, z0mb13k1773r, Decoy1982
  • Shoutout to the Endless Bean Dive trio: Montana97, madeyepadeye, seamonkeypowder
  • XONE Bros Podcast and Community

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