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Jun 13, 2018


Tarragon and Fream get back to basics with a 2 man show, actually talk about games and achievements, discuss mental health, and make a special announcement.

Meanwhile, Warren and Damien review the game Trailblazers by SuperGonk Games.


Review Zed

Referenced during the show

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All audio production and podcast backend support provided by Randy and Proulx and Tarragon.

Background support provided Tarragon Allen.

Songs and sounds that have been used in the show:

  • "Jive Bot", “Dalmation Station (It Gets Better Mix)” by Jake Kaufman and “Jive Bot (Psycho Prismatic Mix)” by cancel from the games Mighty Switch Force! 1 and 2, developed and published by WayForward Technologies
  • Epic Voice Announcements by RJBANKSWA
  • "Good Night" (excerpt) by "The Beatles" (c) Apple Records 1968