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Jun 15, 2016

026 - Someone call a plumber

Brandon is joined by Randy and Damien to breakdown the pre-E3 trailers, leaks and other stuffs.

Show notes are always available on the Zed to Zed website, this week compiled by Jo and Tarragon.

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0:00:00 - Intro

  • Brandon likes the sound of his own voice
  • Dastardly from Red Dead Redemption (Secret) - didn't we already have this one IIRC, still a horrific achievement :(
  • Don't forget that Jo also recorded the pre-E3 special podcast with T and R.
  • How many machines does Crandy own?! Also Damien seems to own loads too. Must be made of monies.
  • Crandy’s Mug - the gateway mug
  • Crandy is married? Congrats. Ownage Pranks forums.
  • Tarragon - 10 years - achievement unlocked :) Major congrats
  • Consoles are dust traps

0:22:02 - Recap

  • Tarragon
    • Still LEAPFROGGING - woo! Go Tarragon!
  • Brandon
    • No achievements this week, pah, you call yourself a gamer?!
    • Project Spark and Rayman Legends dailies
    • Destiny
      • Some new expansion in August - current gen only - splitting your character from 360/One, can't cross unlock anymore. Time is running out.
  • Crandy
    • Post-GRAW ratio dive (Crandy Bean Dive)
    • Monopoly Plus
    • Monopoly 360
    • Forza Horizon 2: presents the Fast and the Furious 360
    • Thomas Was Alone
    • Killer Instinct (Win 10)
    • DOOM
    • Life is Strange 360 (FINALLY!)
    • Project Spark (both)
    • Original DOOM tea party! That sounds cool.
  • Damien
    • Swansong on Leap Frog - 8.6 ratio
    • In Between
    • Minecraft 360 TU
    • Goat Simulator
    • Project Spark
    • Three Fourths Home

0:37:32 - E3 Discussion and News

  • Leaks, leaks, leeks, everywhere!
  • Agent of Mayhem - Volition #raincloudrandy
  • Watch Dogs 2. GRAW!
  • Injustice 2
  • XCOM 2 coming to consoles in Sept
  • Deus-Ex Mankind Divided and Deus-Ex Go
  • Remedy 2 new games - not Alan Wake 2, not at E3
  • Something, something, studios
  • New Twisted Pixel game
  • LEGO Dimensions Season 2 - SQUEE!!!!! You called it Brandon :) - J
  • Minecraft Pocket Edition achievements live (as of June 7th)
    • 2 new lists - Gear VR and Kindle Fire!
  • Playstation News - Neo exists, but not at E3 (Playstation News….. ew!) - will Microsoft pass on announcing Project Scorpio? Takes the pressure off.
  • The future of console gaming? THINK OF THE CHILDREN. Why won't anyone think of the children?!
    • Console trade-ins - not a bad idea.
    • Why are we talking about iPhones now….?
    • Of course we want new and shiny - TEH SHINY!
  • TV-DVR feature on hold; oh, darnit. Maybe Xbox pocket TV stick?
  • Hotel Blind has VR support! (Vive compatible - inspired by ZedToZed)

1:34:21 - Listener Feedback

  • KaibaChaos is avoiding podcasts until after E3
  • Stushniken donated a Dark Souls code (thanks!! <3)
  • SaucySlingo poses a question about controllers
  • Keith271179 asks about favourite E3 moments

1:52:25 - Knobs and Discos

1:56:04 - Game Delays / Backwards Compatibility

  • Yooka Laylee delayed to 2017 - BOO!!!!!
  • BC: Aqua, Anomally Warzone Earth, Lazy Riders, XCOM: Enemy Within, Foul Play, Monopoly Plus, SEGA Bass Fishing

1:59:06 - Outro

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