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Apr 27, 2016

019 - The Cost of Gamerscore? (So. Many. Toys)

This week we are covering an introduction to home mortgage refinance as it relates to trying to complete games in the Toys to Life genre.

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Opening/closing music: "Jive Bot" by Jake Kaufman from the game Mighty Switch Force! developed and published by WayForward Technologies

All audio production and podcast backend support provided by Tarragon Allen.

Show notes by Randy and Jo and Tarragon.


Brandon Fream aka "Freamwhole" - TrueAchievements - Xbox

Tarragon Allen aka "zzUrbanSpaceman" - TrueAchievements - Xbox

Randy aka "Crandy" - TrueAchievements - Xbox

Jo aka “angelsk” - TrueAchievements - Xbox

Damien aka “Spazpol” - TrueAchievements - Xbox

0:00:00 - Intro

0:11:59 - Recap

  • Crandy (week 2 post GRAW)
    • Hexic (sort of)
    • Guitar Hero Live
    • Universe at War
    • Killer Instinct
    • Gears of War 2
    • Ghostbusters: the Video Game
    • Bioshock Infinite
    • Party Hard
  • Tarragon
    • Project Spark
    • Elite Dangerous (like project spark and/or drinking tea in space)
    • Mirror’s Edge Beta
  • Brandon
    • Battleborn
    • DOOM
    • Spongebob Squarepants: Plankton's Robotic Revenge
    • Destiny
    • Project Spark
    • Nobody has time
    • Stikbold
    • Mirror’s Edge Beta

0:43:15 - Listener Feedback

  • Thank you to: IXI Falcon IXI, SiNaCiDe IiI, Keith 271179, Mighty Mango, Big Ell, Facial Le Fleur, Daniel Proulx, Mclovin Legend, LordChabelo13, Arsenic 17, Daniel Tate, and everybody else that participated on our social media.
  • SiNaCiDe IiI - Live shows in the future?
  • Keith 271179 - What game from another platform would you like to play with achievements?
  • Mighty Mango - What is your favourite non-Xbox/pc game?
  • xxx420B1G 311420xxx - What are your favourite Xbox 360 and Xbox One launch titles?
  • We can’t spell Facial Le Fleur or say Daniel Proulx
  • Mclovin Legend - Elite Dangerous
  • New 24 hour long Zed to Zed episode
  • Daniel Tate - Scotland’s national animal is the unicorn (NOTE FROM JO: Seriously, does no-one read the show notes? I said this last week ;)
    • No-one has the Griffin as a national animal sadly :( - JC
  • Facial Le Fleur - Various comments

1:19:08 - News

1:27:40 - Talking Zeds - Toys 2 Life

  • LEGO Dimensions
  • Very important note: It is "LEGO" not "LEGOs" ;)
    • I DO WOT I WANT! :P -TA
    • It's a BRAND NAME - The LEGO company themselves have said DO NOT DO THIS :P - LEGO® - JC
    • LEGO doesn’t own the English language ;) I “google” things too. Google didn’t want that to be a verb, too bad. Language is used by people, not companies. RARAAARAAA! I have many legos. MANY. LEGOS. -TA
    • You have many LEGO® bricks! I have many LEGO® minifigs ;) - JC
    • Bah. Humbug. -TA
  • LEGO Dimensions Tracker - figure out your minimum number of packs required for various 100%s
    • Only need Starter Pack and Level Packs for 100% achievements
  • LEGO Portals:
    • Console specific for Xbox (one for 360, one for the One), but will be forwards compatible with new seasons
    • PS3/4 and Wii U are shareable
    • All level/ fun/ team packs are cross-platform - you only need to buy the starter pack multiple times
  • Disney Infinity Series
  • Disney Infinity Compatibility Guide - figures, bases, play sets, etc
  • Can get 100% achievements with starter pack/ base game
    • Easier if you have extra characters as have more choices of feats. Feets?
    • Also XP bonus.
  • 2016 is a year without a Disney Infinity release
  • Best to get Disney characters with ranged abilities (primary)
  • Windows 8 version can be done for free (as maps/etc cycle)
  • Skylanders Series
  • Portals (on the same platform) - newest game portal should work on the oldest game (backward compatible) - compatibility guide
  • Character Compatibility
  • Recommend: Teraffin and a giant
  • Can 100% achievements with base game/packs
    • But easier with more characters as more characters = more lives! (That's a cool way of doing it)
  • DI: Characters are locked out of content (in Story, not Toy Box), LD: You can have Gandalf in the TARDIS in the Portal universe, or Batman riding around on K-9 shooting the flying monkeys in Oz. *pew pew pew pew*
  • Lots of Gamerscore in this genre
  • Jo's full LEGO Dimensions Collection (some of collection with Portal)
  • Player 2 achievements? Best to check the achievement tags on TA. Most seem to be Co-op+, DI levelling is linked to your account
  • Use of the LD Portal is very cool
  • Metal Gear Solid controller trick

2:11:49 - Shovelware Cemetery

  • Featuring Damien (Spazpol)
  • Soda Drinker Pro
    • Even YellowLegoGuy (an 8yo) thinks this game is awful
    • Long loading times, particularly given...
    • Graphics are terrible, and there’s nothing in the levels
    • 5.5GB, why?
    • 3 years in development, and it shows. Wait, no it doesn’t.
    • Contains a secret game within the game called Vivian Clark
      • Probably the best part of the entire game
  • Party Hard
    • Really fun, simple concept that is executed well
    • Both Damien and Crandy really enjoyed this game
    • Relatively quick completion (12 hours or so) but mostly fun
    • 5.25 inch floppy disk for loading screen ++ - Crandy
    • Music is inspired by Rockit by Herbie Hancock: 80s cheesy beats
    • Has zombies! @Freamwhole
    • Some hidden people a little frustrating to find, needed to be looked up
    • Bugs: dead bodies flail around sometimes, not game breaking
    • To the Sanctuary! 

2:37:00 - Knobs and Discos

  • What are you laughing at Jo? :P
  • Halo 4 challenge achievements are discontinued: challenges have not updated for months, 343 has not been responsive to the issue.
    • Unsure how/if this affects Halo:MCC
  • Kinect Nat Geo TV series 1 and 2 discontinued
  • Party Hard Vivian Clark achievement unobtainable at time of recording
    • Appears to be fixed at time of writing these notes
  • Bike Mayhem 2

2:40:34 - Backwards Compatibility and Game Delays

  • Rayman: Origins
  • Mirror’s Edge Catalyst delayed … 2 weeks
  • Lumo delayed - thanks for the tip QuiCkz Ninja

2:42:44 - Zombie News Corner

2:46:32 - Outro


Glossary of Xbox Gamerscore and achievement jargon and terms: