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Apr 6, 2016

016 - O GamerScore, Wherefore Art Thou

What exactly is a good GamerScore? We discuss statistics, life/gaming balance, TA leaderboard movements, and much more.

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Opening/closing music: "Jive Bot" by Jake Kaufman from the game Mighty Switch Force! developed and published by WayForward Technologies

Gamerscore Boot Camp music: "Tally Screen" by Jake Kaufman from the game Mighty Switch Force 2! developed and published by WayForward Technologies

All audio production and podcast backend support provided by Tarragon Allen.


Brandon Fream aka "Freamwhole" - TrueAchievements - Xbox

Tarragon Allen aka "zzUrbanSpaceman" - TrueAchievements - Xbox

Randy aka "Crandy" - TrueAchievements - Xbox

0:00:00 - Intro

0:19:33 - Recap

0:34:08 - Listener Feedback

  • Zed Friends
    • smrnov, TheTvirusTyrant, HandyDarkness, Kursed Souls, Spazpol
  • Crandy would like to get Lorne Lanning on the show (Oddworld creator)
  • John Schuller @CallSignIceMan would like some DragonMania Legends help
  • montana97: Top 5 reality shows?
    • The Bachelor(ette)
    • Double Dare
    • Air Crash Investigation?
    • MythBusters?
    • Bear Grylls
    • Naked and Afraid
    • Survivor
    • Big Brother
    • The Amazing Race
    • Celebrity Apprentice
    • So You Think You Can Dance
    • Biggest Loser
  • KaibaChaos is a one man DDOS
    • Will stacks ever be cross play? Consensus: unlikely
  • NBA Kirkland wants a competition that doesn't require so much free time!
    • Scavenger hunt
    • GTASC for 1 hour a week
    • Achievement Hounds Achievement Hunt
    • Gamerscoragories
    • Who has the rarest game?
    • Achievement Relay
  • McLovin Legend and Big Ell are both hyped for WrestleMania
  • Madeyepadeye: What is a healthy amount of gaming?
    • Probably a feature topic
  • Saucy Slingo asks a question that will plague mankind for centuries
  • The Yiddler: what's that intro music. Look up! :)
  • Fream's Friend Feed went to that weird place on the Internet (Big Ell, Facial La Fleur, NBA Kirkland, KaibaChaos, Weasel Pizza)
  • Sinacide III wants Xbox 360 gamer pics to be upscaled for Xbox One: vote for it on User Voice
  • FitBit again!
  • Tim Blair @TimTum is a God among men
  • MuddyAmoeba suggests that the TTK DLC for Destiny might be available from disc
  • Ereaser NL - the UHH was great to prompt games to finish off
    • UHH hotting up
  • McLovin Legend is giving away some PAL games, check his blog
  • Facial La Fleur and Big Ell: 3 hosts is better than 2
  • angelsk hates timezones
  • Blue Thunder 7398 has a lot of GS on Windows Phone. You monster.
  • Big Ell aka Ell Gordo still thinks we should play games "properly" ;)
  • Fream would kindly like to finish Bioshock
  • iTunes Reviews
    • Thanks so much: KaibaChaos, Chiznal and Quinny19898989 - get a longer commute! ;)

1:42:46 - Talking Zeds: What is a Good GamerScore?

2:16:57 - News

2:39:30 - Cemetery

  • Guitar Hero Live - BURIED

2:53:56 - Knobs and Discos

  • Big Ell asks about developer contacts - yes, but with caveats
  • Project Spark:
    • PSA: some achievements not unlocking due to server issues, particularly Conker and Seph DLC
    • Developer Team Dakota appears to be treading water
    • Latest title update has been on hold for months
  • FIFA 12: EAS FC Youth Academy and EAS FC Starting 11 are available again
  • Guitar Hero Live Xbox 360: Bling Of The Road fixed
  • Pay It Forward in both versions of Darksiders 2 are broken again (thanks Weasel Pizza and KaibaChaos)
  • Forza 3 online achievements all discontinued without notice

3:06:08 - Game Delays and BC

  • BC: Halo Wars, King Of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match, SoulCalibur II HD Online, Left 4 Dead 2, Dead Space, Saints Row IV (AU version too)

3:09:02 - Zombie News Corner

3:10:27 - Outro


Glossary of Xbox Gamerscore and achievement jargon and terms: