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Mar 23, 2016

014 - Gee Dee Cee Cheer!

Crandy earns an achievement and goes to some little game conference, Fream finds out he's not alone in the world, and Tarragon gets more games.

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Opening/closing music: "Jive Bot" by Jake Kaufman from the game Mighty Switch Force! developed and published by WayForward Technologies

5 Sec Crowd Cheer sound by Mike Koenig

Record Scratch sound by luffy

Nyancat song by daniwell and Momomomo

All audio production and podcast backend support provided by Tarragon Allen.


Brandon Fream aka "Freamwhole" - TrueAchievements - Xbox

Tarragon Allen aka "zzUrbanSpaceman" - TrueAchievements - Xbox

Randy aka "Crandy" - TrueAchievements - Xbox


Damien Knox aka "Spazpol" - TrueAchievements - Xbox

0:00:00 - Intro

0:43:10 - Recap

  • Brandon:
    • Rayman Legends - thanks morseypoo2000 and Xtowers for setting the bar really low
    • Dived 7 games: Pneuma, Thief, Chariot, The Deer God, Styx, Battlestations: Pacific, D4
    • Revisited: Titanfall, Halo: Spartan Assault, SSX, Crimson Dragon and pulled a maerF, Child of Light
  • Tarragon:
    • OXENFREE, The Walking Dead Season 1 Xbox One, Monopoly Plus 360, Summer Athletics for the 1 pointer, ZHEROS, Tachyon Project
    • UHH: The Lego Movie Video Game, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, Threes!, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Xbox Fitness, Powerstar Golf, Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts, Rare Replay (Killer Instinct Gold), Wreckateer, D4, BattleBlock Theatre, Secret of Monkey Island, Valiant Hearts
    • I am rubber, you are glue
  • Randy:
    • UHH: Wolfenstein, Bad Company 2, Midnight Club, Aegis Wing, Saints Row 4, Saints Row 3 German, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Bloodstone, Killer Instinct, Perfect Dark
    • Lucky32468 asks whether Shadow Jago will be back in Killer Instinct: yes, almost certainly. Thanks for the question!
    • No more GRAW drinking game?
    • Future GRAW special
    • Twitter conversation with @Serellan about GRAW
    • GRAW - Crandy got passed on the leaderboard which added some motivation
    • 10k hours - Crandy has mastered boosting GRAW
    • Crandy to do a post-GRAW ratio dive (Barbie!)

1:04:21 - Feedback

  • Thanks Handydarkness - you know what you did
  • Marknocturnal hopes not to Pull a Fream in ROBLOX
  • MattQuin89, thanks for listening! You'll probably see this in a month. ;)
  • Thanks @AUWarEagle (Cannon Fodder 06)
  • Keith271179 asks - how about that Done... Unlocking issue? We will cover it on a future show, thanks for the question.
  • Thanks again to the TrueAchievements podcast for bringing so many listeners our way
  • Tarragon sounds like Hugh Jackman?
  • Achievement streaks: Tarragon: 320 days, Randy: 51 days, Brandon: 51 days
  • Windows Phone: not really worth it for achievements in Randy and Tarragon's opinion
  • Windows Phone had achievement syncing issues early 2015, no solution beyond wiping phone and redoing
  • R56CooperS11 asks if large sporting events inspire playing particular sports games:
    • Tarragon gets the urge to play the F1 games buuuuuut ... no
    • Randy doesn't watch sports, but wants another Fight Night game (NOT UFC)
    • Brandon doesn't like sports games, would watch real life Mortal Kombat
  • Big Ell wants episodes sooner. Here's next weeks show just for you
  • Randy only got into GDC because it was his sweet 16
  • Thanks Jo for show notes last week
  • Big Ell asks about favourite co-op games:
  • AHP The Nyghty asks about favourite underrated games:
    • Randy: Syndicate
    • Tarragon: Spec Ops: The Line, Sleeping Dogs, Bully
    • Brandon: Bionic Commando: Rearmed, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine
  • Facial La Fleur discusses console upgrades
    • PS4 upgrade for 4K? Crandy coined "PS4K"
  • KaibaChaos found his headphones! YAAAAAY!
  • @MattQuin89: smrnov passes Stallion83 on the TA leaderboard, crandy graw graw crandy graw crandy
  • Randy might host the GRAW show when he turns 17
  • BIGSXY1 passes Rand Al Thor
  • Kaiba Chaos likes long shows
  • Big Ell:
    • Fitbit! GOFBC - The Go Outside FitBit Challenge
    • Zed to Zed FitBit Group?
    • Eragon isn't as bad as people think. (Yes it is! -t)
  • Planting42 emailed us! YAAAAAY!
    • Weird gamerscore updates are weird
  • Watch out for unlocking backwards compatible achievements offline
  • @GodOfCyanide waits until the last minute

1:44:41 - Feature: GDC 2016

2:22:47 - News

2:43:16 - Shovelware Cemetery with special guest Damien Knox

  • Punch Club
    • Thanks tinyBuild for the review code
    • Great story and 16-bit feel
    • To the sanctuary!
  • Screencheat
    • Thanks to Surprise Attack Games for the review code
    • Price is a little steep for what it is
    • A lot of fun with friends
    • One unobtainable being actively worked on by the developer
    • Great concept, reminiscent of N64 multiplayer days/GoldenEye
    • To the sanctuary!
    • Thanks to special guest Damien aka Spazpol for the extra feedback

2:55:31 - Knobs and Discos

2:57:37 - BC and Game Delays

  • Gone Home follow up Tocama delayed
  • New Backwards Compatibility titles: Alan Wake, Pac-Man, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Halo Wars (preview owners only)
    • BC emulator update in preview?

2:59:53 - Zombie News Corner

3:03:01 - Outro


Glossary of Xbox Gamerscore and achievement jargon and terms: